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Getting things together for your tax meeting

You’re getting your tax meeting scheduled, now gather up what you need to bring. Here’s a quick, easy list:

  • Year-to-date pay stub for each taxpayer
  • A listing or report or the physical receipts of income and expenses
  • Invoice(s) for ALL purchased equipment or real estate
  • ALL incorporation or partnership documents

Continued education and training

We continue to place great emphasis on and with our professional education that ultimately benefits you, our clients. We attend, of course, tax schools to stay informed and to study the application of new tax laws, and for the application of those laws on a client by client basis. We receive and understand regular releases from the Internal Revenue Service, every update from the National Society of Accountants, the Kiplinger Tax updates and Accounting World Daily Alerts.

We barely have two months to suggest, advise, and help you apply these tax law changes before the end of 2018.

This is critical. Don’t delay

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