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Personal & Business Taxes


  • Corporate tax rate 21%
  • 199A Qualified Business Income deduction of 20%
  • Net operating losses limited to 80% of taxable income
  • New mortgage interest deduction limits:  loans prior to 12/16/17 Grandfathered in
  • State income tax, property tax, and sales tax limited to $10,000


  • Alimony deduction and income after 12/31/18, previous decrees Grandfathered in
  • 20% deduction on pass-through entities, Sec 199A, for investments on cooperative company dividends and REIT
  • Child and family tax credit increased to $2,000 with $1,400 refundable and for dependents over 17, there is a $500 tax credit
  • 529 Education Plans now eligible for use to pay private school K-12, as well as college.  Up to $15,000 per year per child