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Please keep this in mind: It’s a new year, and a new decade!  However, when drafting or signing legal documents, be careful not to abbreviate the year “2020.”

Here’s why:
Today, January 2, 2020, could be abbreviated as 1/2/20. Unfortunately, we know that there are people who are not honest and who would do whatever is necessary to gain an advantage. Therefore, one could take a document that is signed on January 2, 2020 and add a couple of numbers after the 20 to change it from 1/2/20 to 1/2/2018 or 1/2/2019.  Using that type of numerical alteration could mean this person might be able to deceptively argue that the contract was signed on January 2, 2018 or January 2, 2019 instead of in 2020.
As a result, it is prudent to be careful and not to abbreviate the year “2020” on documents that you create or sign.